Monday, November 1, 2010


BANDIT-Passed away from Parvo. A special doggy that was loved very much. 1/2 Beagle, 1/2 Pitt Bull. Bandit passed away June 2010.

LUCKY- Walked into our lives 9/12/05. A special, sweet kitty who is very quiet and to herself but has much love for her home and family. She IS the "Alpha Kitty" of the crew and as petite as she may be the cats and dog run when Lucky comes to regulate the naughty "kids".

CHANCE AKA CHANCEY- Passed on 10/5/10. Missed very much. Very special to us. Very loving. I'm still saddened by his loss. Bella (my Pitt Bull) & Chance;s buddy kept going to the spot he died day after day. How she knew he died there is a mystery to us. She was indoors when he passed and we cleaned the area with soap and water where he passed on. Bella pulled me right to the spot on her next walk a few hours later & I had to literally drag her away. She sat right down and did not move. She does not go there anymore but she does look at it when we walk every day. Now she comes with me to Chance's grave everyday to say HI to him. Peanut still looks for her buddy too. They were best, best friends from day 1.

Peanut- Chance's best buddy from day 1 when she was small enough to fit in your palm and as feral as can be. He helped her do "normal" house cat stuff. She followed him as a wee baby still fed on the bottle to the litter box, to his food and water bowls, he would play with toys with her and not bother her when she had the toys.

Baby Peanut & a group of  3 siblings- I found all of these cats under a porch here in Bridgeport. I had to bottle feed ALL of them, administer antibiotics, de worm and de flea them too. Being babies I had to pick fleas off by hand with tweezers and the comb and bathe them in DAWN original dishsoap to kill the fleas. Took HOURS.. The 3 siblings found wonderful homes after being in foster care in Westport. They were with me for over a month. I was sad but happy to see them go & begin new lifes.
Peanut is here now, sleeping next to me.

Shadow & Tommy- Also saved off the street, former strays. Shadow is about 4 years of age now. Tommy is our "Grandpa" at the ripe old age of 6. He is our FIV kitty (Feline AIDS posotive) He is getting along in his illness & we are doing all we can to keep him healthy and happy and comfortable. FIV+ cats CAN live with non FIV+ cats. No need to NOT adopt or keep a FIV+ cat if you have non pos+ ones. I am 110% comfortable with my cats socializing BUT everyone is different. Ask your vet and do research on your own before deciding.